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A few months go, an amazing thing started happening in Langley. A good friend of mine started up JAM NIGHT. It "began as a hopeful attempt at trying to relate with people in a different world. The idea was simply to offer an evening of reintroduction to something extremely valuable that men in addiction recovery had lost." 

But now, it has become "a recurring weekly event that connects recovering alcoholics/drug addicts to professional and amateur musicians from within the community."

Before you read on, please WATCH THIS VIDEO.

God is at work here, people. In BIG ways. In EXCITING ways. In ways that make you smile from ear to ear.

You NEED to check out the video in this link. If it doesn't inspire you to vote for this cause, then I'm not sure what will.

Please help her win this grant so that she can get this program running in full swing! All you have to do is register with Aviva (it only needs your email address and a password, honestly takes about 2 minutes.) If you don't receive the confirmation email please re-register with a different password!!! This happened to me. After you've registered, PLEASE VOTE!!! There isn't much time left. It will only take a moment of your time but it could potentially change the lives of so many people. It already has changed the lives of the men that go to JAM NIGHT.

So, let's recap...

Step 1: Read the story behind JAM NIGHT and be uber inspired
Step 3: Wait for confirmation email, and if you don't get it register again with another email
Step 4: Vote for JAM NIGHT!!!!
Step 5: Vote for JAM NIGHT again tomorrow!!! You can vote once a day (I believe there are 2 days left!)

And if you really don't care about this, pretend you do. Do it for me. Do it for my friend. Do it for all the guys in JAM NIGHT. Do it for every recovering alcoholic or drug addict you know, or have seen, or have heard about. Do it because you long to see change in this world, because you know that everyone has the right to live a clean, full life. Please.

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  1. Anonymous3.11.10

    Great that you're sharing this! But please credit the photographer for these photos.


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