Adios Rodrigo

Have you ever thought you knew the words to a song only to one day hear someone else actually sing the words and you realize you've had it wrong the whole time? At that moment you feel like your whole worldview has come crashing down. Ok, that's a little extreme. But it does make you think! I had such an experience yesterday while driving with two friends of mine to English Bay.

You probably all know the oldies classic hit 'Brown Eyed Girl' by Van Morisson. Well, it came on the radio yesterday and Marilisa started singing along, "Hey where did we go". I instantly looked at her and said "that's what he's saying????" I was shocked. Ever since I first heard this song, who knows how many years ago, I always thought the first line to that song was, "Hey there Rodrigo." I know, it makes no sense, and doesn't even go with the next couple of lines, or the rest of the song for that matter! But still, I believed Van was singing, "hey there Rodrigo." So, alas, I bid farewell to Rodrigo. I will never utter his name again. Adios, my friend.

I was laughed at. That's ok. I accept it. =) I'm sure this won't be the last time I'm wrong in my song lyrics!

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I went downtown with Marilisa and Dori to take some pictures of Marilisa before she heads off to the land of endless horizons for good. I'll elaborate on our outing when I post the final pictures. We ended our session at Starbucks in Yaletown to warm up from the chilly air, so that's where these photos were taken.

Side note: Yaletown is a little obsessed with their small, yappy puppies. Every single dog that walked by us was wearing a sweater, and every other shop along the streets in Yaletown has something to do with pampering dogs. My father-in-law would love it! =) (Feel free to read that last phrase with as much sarcasm as you can muster up!)

Ok, here we are...

Marilisa's Peppermint Mocha

I love Starbucks. I know I have a million pictures of Starbucks cups already, but I don't care.

Me and M! Aww, I'm gonna miss you!!

And one of M from our actual photo shoot! She's fabulous. For real.


  1. Definitely Fabulous For Real!! Your loss is our gain and I promise to treat her very very very well.

  2. thanks angela! I'll sleep better knowing she's in good hands! =)

  3. at Starbucks...
    ME: Hey look!!! There's a HEART in my coffee! (said with genuine excitement & enthusiasm, because even after 9 years of west coast coffee shops I still love the pictures in the foam! It's true, I'm a geek like that.)

    1 minute later...
    ME: (a little sheepishly this time) Vess, can ycu take a picture of the heart in my coffee???

    And she did! Even after I outed Rodrigo!! Because she still loved me enough to indulge my inner child. Fabulous time, fabulous friend! :)

  4. I'll do almost anything for a fabulous friend! =)

  5. The lyrics situation probably happens to me about once a week. Seriously. Ask Tim. It's awful. Haha!

  6. haha... that's ok, it happens to me too!

  7. that s-bux is my fave... it's my second office, i work there every week!

    and, you'll have a new starbucks cup to photograph soon... have you seen the new logo? i ADORE it. a modern-mermaid-muse.

  8. she really is fabulous isn't she?! I'm going to miss you when I come to Van. :(


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