Manitoba - The Final Days

I have a few things to catch up on yet. This is one of them. The last half of our time in Manitoba. (You can see the other posts of our trip here and here.)

The last half of our trip was all about family. Extended and immediate. One of James' sisters and her family spent a couple nights at his parents place, too. It was a full house. 6 adults and 5 grandchildren. Cheyenne loved watching the boys play cars and lego. She was so excited when she got to sit in the other room at the kids table. It was really cute. I took some videos of them because I thought it was worthy of documenting!

Aside from all of us getting sick at some point while we were over there it was a good time away. There was lots of down time and visiting. Lots of playing in the snow and drinking hot coffee. Lots of photo editing for me and video games for James.

Fresh buns and a peaceful view out the kitchen window!

My little angel.

Christmas Eve morning... waffles!

3 out of 5 nephews!

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