My Everyday- Magnets and Messes

My daughter just had a super short nap and I didn't get around to blogging so I'm going to quickly post what I had planned on posting awhile ago but just didn't.

Cheyenne likes the magnets we have on our fridge for her to play with, but more-so she likes flinging them off the fridge and having them strewn all about the kitchen floor. It's quite entertaining for her. I can tolerate it until I step on an 'T' in the dark.

I've had a fabulous week so far, meeting with other photographers and friends over tea. On Monday I met with Jamie Delaine, and on Tuesday I met with Lyndsay London. We had a fabulous evening, talking for over 2 hours about how we got to where we are in our businesses. Lyndsay started her business the same time as me so it was neat to see her progress! I love meeting with other photographers and gaining wisdom and insight into their businesses and how I can better my own, and just encouraging each other in this process.

Ok, Girlie's done with being in her crib! I have to go!


  1. Love the barn! One of Dez's baby friends here has the alphabet one and Dez loves it! So disappointed that I didn't end up getting him one before we came here!

  2. "You made match, look what you've done! You made a match, hear a pig sound! Oink, oink!"
    Last week, I officially packed up those letters and got rid of them once and for all. I was so tired of finding them in every corner of the house! ; )
    Two more things that I can totally relate to.

  3. That's me! I loved chatting up a storm! Can't believe we got kicked out of Starbucks for sticking around until closing! Hahaha! Let's do it again after you rock it out at the wedding in Australia!!!! Can't even wait to hear all about it :).


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