My Everyday - Tea Time

I was originally planning on featuring something else for today's segment of My Everyday. But this seemed much more fitting given the circumstances which I will outline below.

1. I'm drinking tea right now. I often drink tea while blogging or working in my dungeon in general. (Side note: I just realized that I should take a picture of my office so you can actually envision me in this so-called dungeon and understand why I refer to it as such. That will be another segment of My Everyday.)

2. I love tea. I love many kinds of tea.

3. One of my favourite teas is Tazo Zen. But the list of faves is quite long. I won't list them to save time.

4. High tea is one of my favourite outings! Never been? You must! It's fabulous. I went again this weekend. I'll explain it in my next paragraph that outlines my weekend for you.

On Saturday I celebrated a friend's birthday with another friend at Tracycakes for High Tea. They have three locations but we went to the Fort Langley one. All of the locations are decorated so quaint and cute and antique-y but really modern-ish. Make sense? The walls and ceilings are white and they have crystal chandeliers and large mirrors and old china tea cups and saucers displayed. So cute. You have to make a reservation for High Tea and you get to choose a tea and then they bring out a 3 tiered platter with bite size goodies on it. From egg sandwiches, to sausage rolls, to fresh fruit and scones, to mini cupcakes! When you first look at it you think there's not much there, but then you start eating and by the end you're loosening your belt a few notches and roll out to the car because you're too full to walk. Seriously. Fabulous.

I, of course, did NOT bring my camera because I'm lame and debated bringing it for so long and ended up not and then I highly regretted my choice. So, these pictures will have to do. A cup of one of my favourite teas.

We had many parties this weekend, and some much needed grown-up time without Girlie. Love her to bits, but it was nice to go out and dress up and not worry about getting cheese smeared on your outfit or having snot on your shoulder. Paints a pretty picture, doesn't it? =)

Saturday = birthday celebration extravaganza. High tea, a little shopping at Winners, and pizza and games with more friends!

Sunday = good bye party for a dear friend, also our cousin. Fabulous wine, more appetizers and yummy goodness than you could imagine, catching up with friends I haven't seen for a long time, and enjoying a few more moments and memories before Marilisa heads back home.

Today marks six months since our accident. Unfortunately, I'm still feeling the pain. I'm praying for healing this year, and preferably sooner than later. But I'm alive and well so I'm not complaining. I just didn't realize the after effects could last this long.

That got long and random. Thanks for pushing through to the end, if anyone did! Enjoy the rest of day!


  1. I think Zen is my favourite Tazo tea. Anything green or white, count me in!

    I too hope you start feeling some healing this year. Drawn out injuries are no fun!

  2. I'm so glad I'm photographing your wedding, Larissa, we have so much in common ;) Yeah, fun is definitely not a word I would use to describe these injuries!


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