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I quite like second shooting for a wedding. There's no pressure, not much stress, and so much freedom! I love that I get to take lots of detail shots of random things, all related to the wedding but not necessarily things that the couple would think would be photographed. I get to take the story-filler pictures. The random details of the day. I love it!

On December 29, 2010 I second shot for my friend, Robyn Michelle-Lee, for a short wedding in Vancouver. The couple had already gotten married in Mexico a few weeks before but had the traditional wedding ceremony back home. Erin and Quinn got ready at the Loden Hotel in Vancouver and had their ceremony at the Minoru Chapel in Richmond. I've never been in that chapel before and man was it cute! Such a quaint little venue!

Here are my photos from the day, I put in a few extra shots of the ring and shoes because I can! =)

The hotel name from inside, and the newspaper of the day.

Quinn is an RCMP cop so he put on his full formal uniform for the ceremony

Erin had gorgeous Manola Blahniks for the occasion!

Erin getting ready at the hotel.

I'm intrigued by this picture.

This next one is one of my favourites.

But this is by far a favourite of mine! I love her glowing tanned skin and her sky blue eyes that just shine in this photo!

How many favourites am I allowed to have because this is another one!

Pictures after the ceremony

Loved the lighting for this one

Casual reception at the Coast Restaurant downtown.


  1. Gorgeous photos Vanessa! LUV them.

  2. my favorite is the ring on the logo, cool shot.

  3. One more similarity! We both know Erin! Neat to stumble upon this!!
    These are gorgeous Vanessa!

  4. Thanks everyone!!

    Kristin- I don't actually know Erin! I was just assisting my friend who was the main photographer! but close enough! =)

  5. Anonymous14.1.11

    Amazing as usual!! GREAT job! Agree, she's glowing in that beautiful tan and blue eyes .. WOW!

  6. Isn't she?!?! I love it!

  7. vicky16.1.11

    gorgeous. As usual.


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