A Voth Christmas Story

Christmas came late for my family this year since we spent actual Christmas Day with James' family. I've outlined my family's Christmas traditions in a previous post so I won't go over it again, but this year was a little different than past Christmases because we did Christmas Eve and Christmas Day traditions all on the same day!

First, we started with Christmas at our home, just James, Cheyenne and I. We had our wee little fake Christmas tree that we borrowed from my mom because I didn't want to bother with a real Christmas tree this year since we weren't here for much of December to fully enjoy it. When Cheyenne woke up we came downstairs and opened our presents to each other.

Meetzy wanted to get in on the action too.

Good morning!

Then we headed out to my parents place where my sister and her husband were already waiting for us to arrive! My mom prepared a delicious Christmas morning breakfast for us!

Then it was time to open stockings and presents!

One of my stocking stuffers, Vogue magazine, and a gift, a new Nicholas Sparks book that I didn't even know existed until that moment! Both very exciting gifts!

One of James' gifts, definitely not something I will get any use out of!

The best Christmas gift I've ever gotten. And the biggest surprise of all.... tickets for me a friend to Cirque du Soleil's Mystere in Las Vegas!!!

Cheyenne got this lovely baby doll and couldn't stop playing with it! It was way too cute.

Around 4 or 5pm the power went out. Fabulous. Thank goodness my dad uses a charcoal BBQ or we'd be hooped! The meat was done, and that was the main part of the meal! To occupy ourselves we played many rounds of the Mexican Train game. By candlelight.

Our candlelit Christmas.


  1. its kind of nice sometimes when you end up with an unplanned candlelit dinner, isn't it? Great shots, by the way. ;)

  2. Yes, it's true! But I really wanted my hashbrowns with dinner!! haha

  3. I still owe you hashbrowns, soon.
    The pictures are just beautiful, I did not know how nice the fireplace could look with the stockings up, great job, well done. The lighting is just great and the best part of Christmas for me is having all my kids spend the night at home together.

  4. Anonymous13.1.11

    Love, LOVE your Christmas photos! Makes me feel like I was right there with you! Beautiful!

  5. Mami- Yes, the fireplace does look that nice with all the stockings hung!

    Tanis- thanks!! Such a great holiday!


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