Puppy Love

It's amazing, to me, how children get so attached to certain objects. For my daughter, it's her puppy and blankie (which she calls 'bully'). I don't even know why she chose these two items in particular. I never encouraged her to love them so much, but she just grew very attached to them. They comfort her, they help her sleep, they make her happy.

Last night she was having a hard time falling asleep, probably due to teething and her cough, so I went in her room to hold her for a bit. When I was ready to put her down we had this conversation:

Me: Say 'night night Mama'
Her: I love you
Me: I love you, too
Her: I love you, Puppy

Oh my word I melted right then and there! She's never said I love you to her puppy like that before! It was the sweetest thing ever. Here she is, clutching her two most prized possessions.


  1. Beautiful! Joseph has his Teddy that he loves on. It reminds me of the story of the Velveteen Rabbit every time I think of how tattered the bear is.

  2. Just the way you loved your blanky, so sweet.


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