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This seems like a fitting post for today because I feel like I've been inspired from all directions lately! I'm not sure how to condense inspiration because for me I'm inspired by people, places and things, and they inspire me emotionally, spiritually and creatively. It's hard to separate these because when I'm inspired emotionally and spiritually it kind of flows into my creativity. So I'm just going to throw out all the different avenues of inspiration in my life, in random order.

1. Ikea. I love Ikea. More specifically, I like their catalogue and the rooms they have set up in their stores. "Fresh" is one of the words that I use to sum-up my photography style and I feel like everything in the Ikea store and catalogue fit into this style! I was browsing through their catalogue last night, coming up with so many new ideas of how to redecorate my house and that same inspiration comes out in my pictures and post processing. One day I will have an office that looks like this as far as organization goes. It's true. I've already made plans in my head!

2. Along those same lines, I love the brochures you get at the paint store with the different room colour ideas and stuff. Again, always fresh colours and decor! I'm currently thinking of re-painting my living room, something in a grey tone. We'll see what ends up happening! I got these rooms from Benjamin Moore.

3. My husband introduced me to a British show a few years ago that I actually quite enjoy. It's about cars. Yes, I enjoy it. It's quite humorous. It's called Top Gear UK. I just love the videography in it. The contrast, the angles, the lenses. It's all so beautiful.

4. I also get posing inspiration (as well as clothing inspiration) from magazines or clothing store ads, like Vogue and Banana Republic. Movies are actually good for posing ideas too.

5. My friend has a blog that is definitely uber inspiring. Her words, the imagery that her words evoke in my mind, her dreams and goals, her photos. I love reading her posts and think you should too!

6. I have a massive list of photographers that have and still do inspire me, but I'll keep it really short for right now. These two photographers were my biggest inspiration to start my own photography business. I could go on and on about all the things I love about them, their images, and their businesses but I'll let you just see for youselves... Jasmine Star and Jamie Delaine.

7. And last, but most certainly not least, I'm inspired by my family, and my daughter more specifically. I think having a baby and taking lots of pictures of her has definitely made me a better photographer. I can see life through her eyes, somewhat, and love trying to get that on camera. I don't know that I would have the same "eye" for my images if I wasn't a mom yet.

That's a brief summary of what inspires me. If you want to hear more you can take me out for coffee and I'll fill you in then! In the meantime, look for inspiration all around you.

Life has been a little non-stop for me lately, hence the lack of consistent blogging. Tomorrow I plan to take time to bring order and routine to my life so that this state of chaos and over-stress-edness will end and never return!

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