English Bay Portrait Session /MARILISA

This is a bitter sweet blog post for me. On one hand I got to photograph one of my good friends, but on the other hand we kind of did this session because she's moving away. Boo. Dislike.

I have known Marilisa for 9 years or so, ever since she moved to Vancouver from Winnipeg. Luckily God brought her to my home church and she quickly and seamlessly fit in there and settled there for the rest of her time here. M and I were on the same music team for many many years. We were friends almost instantly, I think our not-so-subtle laughs bonded us from the get-go. M is also a key component to my husband and I meeting, seeing as she and him are second cousins.

M wanted some pictures taken of her and asked if I could help her out with that and of course I said yes because we're family now so I have to. HA. Just kidding!!! I was thrilled to do it!!! Seriously, M, love you! =) She wanted the pictures to have a very Vancouver-esque feel to them so we drove to English Bay and used the water and Burrard Street bridge as our backdrop. The sun was low which made for some awesome lighting.

I was going to write you a card yet, M, but I think I might save a tree and write it here! And then I'll show you pictures from her photo shoot.

Dear M,

I'm not in love with the fact that you're leaving this week. I'll miss hearing your laugh often, and your easy-going and spirited demeanour. I know this isn't Goodbye. It's not like we'll never see each other again. But it's kind of like the end of an era, you might say. (I hope you caught the Friend's quote there!) I'm excited that we'll get to see you whenever we come visit Manitoba now! We can do all the touristy Winnipeg things that we haven't really done before and you can be our tour guide! If James thinks it's lame then we'll leave him at home! It'll be a new way of hanging out but I'm actually excited for it! If only those times weren't going to be so few and far between!

But I know that you're in good hands. God has a plan for you, my dear. I will be praying that he will blow you away, that he will do immeasurably more than you could ever ask or imagine. I pray that he will place you in a church and setting that is so purposely for you, just like he did when you first came here. I will be praying for you. I'm excited to hear about the new endeavours you'll embark on and the blessings that God will pour over you and into your life!!

Thanks for being a great friend. I especially will never forget our last visit, talking for hours upon hours and never feeling like it was too long. That's how you know a friendship is deep. Thank you for so much! I can't even start listing everything! From introducing me to James, to helping us organize our wedding to-do lists, to helping me on music team, to all the invites to your place to hang out, for all the random drives and touristy outings. There are a lot of years of memories with you! And I'm so thankful God brought you into my life and I'm even more thankful that you will be in my life forever! This is not the end, my friend, it's just a curve in the path. No big deal.

Anyway, we love you lots, we'll miss you lots, but we'll be seeing you again in no time at all!!!!!!!!!

Love, Vess

PS: Moist ;)

Love you!

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  1. Anonymous24.1.11

    Vanessa, these photos are absolutely stunning. You captured her bubbly personality and beauty in these shots perfectly. What a beautiful girl; she has in infectious smile! Well well done!


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