Mission Portrait Photographer /RON, MARY-LOU & FAMILY

The morning of their photo session I looked out my window shortly before having to leave and I was shocked! We had about 4 inches of snow. I called Katy to see what the situation was like in Maple Ridge and she said it was snowy but sunny. At my house it was still snowing pretty hard. The session was going to be in Mission so I feared the roads and conditions would be even worse out there. But no. Apparently I live in some kind of modern day Narnia. I got on the highway at 176 St. and by the time I passed 200th St. there was no snow. At all. Nothing. It came back again around 264th, and gone by Mt. Lehman. As soon as I crossed over the Mission bridge it was back. That was a very strange drive!

I was so glad there was snow at Centennial Park where I met Katy and her whole family. I was picturing all the lovely picture possibilities on my drive out with the snow as the backdrop. I'm so glad it worked out! And seeing this family again was so wonderful! Like I said in their Sneak Peek, this family and I go way way back, back to Kindergarten. It's been about 12 years since I've seen them all, aside from Katy who I met up with once a few years back. A mini reunion. A surge of memories. It was wonderful.

Thank you for having me take your family photos! It was so so great to see you all again and to see how much your family has grown! The little girls are just so cute! I hope you enjoy your photos!

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