30 For 30 Begins

I was introduced to Kendi's blog only a few weeks ago but instantly fell in love with her writing and her wardrobe! I got so many inspirations for my own style (or lack there of at the time!) Apparently there's this thing called 30 for 30 where you pick 30 items of clothing including shoes but not accessories and for 30 days you have to make 30 different outfits with only those 30 chosen items. It's supposed to challenge you to make the most of the clothing that you already own. Remix, it's called.

So my friend and I decided to partake in our own 30 for 30 challenge this month. I went through my entire closet and tried on different items together to get an idea of what could work. I ended up with these final 30 items layed out for your quite poorly. I shouldn't have cropped them so tight! But you get the idea, and you'll see them in their entirety when I'm actually wearing them!

We started Day One yesterday. I decided to go simple. Play it safe. Like my new boots? I do. My husband will be my 30 for 30 photographer, get him all practiced up so he can 2nd shoot for me this year at some of my weddings! And yes, I need some modeling practice!

We'll see what today's outfit will be!


  1. Nice boots! Where are they from?

  2. Yay I'm so excited! Solid day 1!

  3. PS It's nice seeing pictures of YOU on your blog!

  4. LOVE this idea Vanessa. Robyn has such great style too!
    I love finding new blogs to follow too! Thanks for that!
    You looks dynamite on Day #1! Can't wait to see this through the 30 days and get some ideas to reinvent my wardrobe!!
    And yes, I love those boots!

  5. i love how polished-ly you've done this!

  6. Emily, the boots are from Spring! Just got them and I love them!!

    Jo, yes I rarely make an appearance here, but that will change!

    Thanks Kristin! Yes, Robyn has been a huge life saver for me in the fashion department!!!

    Thanks Robyn! =)


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