Best of: e-sessions

I realize Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Though I myself am not much of a fan of the "holiday" I know that many others are! My husband could change my opinion on that matter, I suppose. ;) hint hint. A few flowers, a fancy dinner, reason to get dressed up, yup, I might enjoy the day more if these were all part of it!

Anyway, Valentine's is a big day in the couple's department. Cupid is flinging his proverbial arrows all over the place! New relationships are starting and mature relationships are making promises of forever. It's a big day for proposals.

I thought it would be nice to do a few blog posts about weddings leading up to Valentine's Day. The images in these posts are all from engagement sessions and weddings that I've photographed or second shot for.

Today I'll start with some engagements sessions. I picked 15 images that stood out to me for various reasons, and I just went back a couple sessions so you'll see the same faces a couple of times! One of the couple's is already married but they wanted a couple's shoot and I loved so many of the images from their session so I included them!



  1. That's some great lovin'! ; ) All great shots!

  2. That train bridge is really neat! Which one is it?


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