Weekend In Review

This weekend was busy. Friday night we brought Meetzy, our cat, away to her new home. It was hard, but  knowing that she went to a fabulous new home and family made it a LOT easier. And we'll be able to visit her still, so that makes me so happy!

Saturday was spent cleaning the bejeepers out of our house! Any fabric that could be taken down was de-linted/de-furred and washed. I even turned my ivory kitchen curtains light blue from washing a blue couch cushion cover with it. But I think I saved it, all but one corner. Thanks to a LOOOT of baking soda and water.

In the afternoon we had some friends over for pizza night but first two of my girlfriends and I headed to one of my favourite thrift stores and did some browsing and purchasing. I bought two scarves and a fun clutch (which you will see tomorrow from today's outfit). When we were done there we bought the necessary ingredients for Pizza Night and enjoyed a fabulous evening together. While pizza was being consumed we watched Inception and took a break part way through so Kerry and I could make home made chai. Mmmmm. So good!

Sunday meant church in the morning and a relaxing afternoon, partially. I was still in cleaning/organizing mode. And then we joined a Super Bowl party for the last half of the game. I didn't watch. I actually don't even know who won. =)

We didn't have time for official pictures on Friday and Saturday so the quality is crap from our point and shoot camera. And yes, I cropped my head off for Day 6 because I wasn't a fan of my hair that day. Well, I'm not a fan of it any day right now because it's dying to be redone! (No pun intended!) The skirt in Day 6 was the one that I switched for the black flowy skirt. Wasn't a fan of the black one after trying it on with a few tops. So this one took it's place.

Day 5: skinny jeans, ivory sweater, black t-shirt, brown boots, teal scarf
Day 6: black long sleeve, black leggings, brown tweed skirt, brown boots, gold necklace

And here is Sunday's outfit. Day 7: black skinny jeans, pink polka dot shirt, fuscia cardigan, gold belt, grey boots

I just booked another wedding for 2011 so I'm going to celebrate, somehow. Maybe with a walk outside in the sunshine with my Girlie? Sounds good to me! That will be my 9th wedding for the year!


  1. Anonymous7.2.11

    i adore the skirt in day 6!
    where did you buy it??

  2. I love seeing your outfits each day! And I have some serious gray boot envy!

  3. I bought that skirt years ago at hte Kenneth Cole outlet in seattle. I just got it hemmed and taken it a couple weeks ago, this was hte first time I'd worn it since! It used to sit at the hips and went down to my shins. but it was too big in the waist on me and definitely too long so we (my mom and I) hiked it up and took off like almost a foot off the length and voila! I did see some tweed skirts at the thrift store!

    I do love my grey boots!


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