Day Four

Yesterday was a dress up day. A few casual outfits to start off the challenge, so I wanted to try something a little more sophisticated. White, high neck shirt; black pencil skirt; fishnet stockings; grey heeled boots.

Love the back of the stockings! The sparkly line, but you can't see the sparkles in the picture! Oh and Cheyenne running around in the back is pretty awesome too.

I like the pink arm jabbing out of my side!

Oh, and we're bringing Meetzy away tonight now, like, in an hour!! =( I just had a really good long snuggle on the couch with her, so I'm ready to part ways.


  1. I love how this is such a great look - for a random Friday! And there's that belt! ; )
    Sad to part ways with a pet. We had a golden retriever that we had to put down a couple years ago...Some days I still feel an absence in the house. Great shots of her for your memories (in your last couple posts!)

  2. yes, that belt is great!

    thanks for understanding. we just got home and it's sad coming home to an empty house. But, it's ok. we know it's for the best and her new home is great!


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