Day Three

Two posts in one day. Is this allowed? My daughter is still sleeping. Still. Like, as in, she hasn't woken up at all yet since we put her to bed last night. She woke up once early this morning with a fever but went back to sleep. And is still sleeping.

I can't remember the last time I woke up before her, had a shower and breakfast alone, and now even got some work done! Unreal. I'm glad she's sleeping off the fever though.

Yesterday was Day Three of my 30 for 30 challenge. I'm really enjoying this project. I'm one of those people that would, normally, stay in my pajamas all day if I wasn't going out of the house. But now that I'm kind of forced to get dressed, and to actually make myself look presentable because I know my picture is going to be taken, I have much more motivation to get dressed in the morning! Ok, not the morning, but at least the afternoon! =)

I feel like so far this challenge is quite easy. But it's only Day Four today. I can still put on all my staple outfits and not have to think creatively or outside of the box yet. Watch Day Twenty-Two come along and I'll be totally stuck!

Yesterday's outfit has been my Go-To outfit lately. So comfortable. And I like the colours! I found an old black silk belt in my drawer the other day and thought why not see if it works on my head? I think it does. Maybe? No? Ok, I'll put it away!! haha. No, seriously, you guys have to let me know if I'm looking like a nerd over here!

Has anyone else secretly started this challenge themselves? If so, I want to know!

Here we go, Day Three. Black leggings, taupe skirt, white cami (hidden), purple t-shirt, fuscia cardigan, zebra belt (best purchase ever! well, so were the boots. It's a toss up!), teal scarf and black satin belt on head. I'm definitely more of a scarf person than I am a necklace person. I've realized that more over the last few weeks!

These next few pictures are so, so dear to me. I will explain why in tomorrow's post. This is my furbaby, Meetzy.


  1. Love this outfit, headband and all. To be honest I'm a little jealous that you can wear wide headbands like that - my head just looks funny. Anyways...LOVE the outfit, the colours you put together are a winning combo.

  2. I might have to do these 30 for 30 challenges more often because this positive feedback is very reaffirming! =)

  3. I am a total scarf person too. Almost every day in fact. ; ) For fashion but more about not being chilly!
    The belt...great suggestion. I suppose it would go with EVERYTHING!
    Lovin' the ideas from this already and its only Day 3!

  4. the headband is my favourite part!

  5. Yeah, I counted up some outfits out of curiosity... and I only got to 18. :P

  6. I LOVE the headband!

  7. good to know! I'll have to whip it out more often then! I'll probably make some more, find some cheap fabric somewhere. oh yeah!


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