My Everyday - The Dungeon & Day Two

I've mentioned the fact that I work in The Dungeon. I refer to it as such because it's not a very fresh, airy environment. My office is literally in the back of our garage, behind the wall in front of me is the earth, and lots of it. This space was originally made to serve as my salon when I worked from home as a hair stylist. Now that I'm not doing that professionally anymore it's kind of converted into the everything room. It now serves as salon/office/cellar/storage, all at the same time. I do have a heater in here which makes it a little warmer and not so drab. But I do fantasize about my next house and office with a window and bright white furniture and decor. It will be lovely.

But for now, this serves as my work space, and it works quite well. Aside from the few times I've heard that darn mouse rummaging around in our garage! So, to help you envision where I'm at right now, at this very moment while I'm typing away, I took some pictures.

This is my desk, and on the opposite wall is my hair station.

And just behind me is my sink.

I didn't take a picture of the other corner, but that's where my sit down hair dryer is and a mound of chairs and stuff. Directly to my right is the wine rack and the current carboy of fermenting wine. Mm. No, I don't drink wine while I work. But that just gave me a great idea! HA! Just kidding. It's only 2:13pm.

And, Day Two of my 30 for 30 challenge was yesterday. It was a casual day, my only outing was to go to my massage appointment and then we had our Life Group meeting at our house. My hair looks fancy but it's not. A few bobby pins placed in inconspicuous places, a subtle french braid on one side, and a small black silk bow and VOILA! You have a non-stress, 5 minute cute updo. I'm thinking I should add a 30 for 30 hairstyle remix challenge. Yesterday's updo was still from the same hair as Monday.

Anyway, this was my outfit... black skinny jeans with a gold braided belt, hot pink cotton t-shirt, grey 3/4 length cardigan, white scarf, awesome teal snakeskin flats from Nine West. Thanks again to my hubby for taking the pictures!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I need you to be my stylist, please. Thanks.

  2. HA! That's quite funny Lindsey! You should know the background stuff that has led to this challenge! I was in dire need of a stylist myself! But thank you! YOu made my day and gave me the confidence that I needed!!

  3. i LOVE this. v, you don't need me anymore!... you were the most natural of students... this was clearly in you all along... you absolutely have your own style, a wardrobe that rocks, confidence and great outfits! you should style me!

  4. oh I still need you R!!!! =) You're just a really good teacher! Most importantly, you gave me the confidence I needed!


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