A Day With A Friend

My friend, Robyn, and I see each other quite often. At least once every two weeks. We only met 6 months ago but she's one of my closest friends already. We're kindred spirits, in a way. Today we met at her house, just the two of us, no baby. We started our morning with a cup of tea and talked about our 30 for 30 challenge and what we've learned about ourselves through it, so far. After we sipped the last of our teas I showed Robyn a few tricks for styling her hair.

We had planned to do a mini photo shoot of each other today to use for our own marketing materials. Thankfully the day was so gorgeous which made for some great lighting and just a great photo day! We were outside for about an hour and then came back to her flat to warm up from the chilly winter air. As we uploaded our photos into her computer we started on lunch. I chopped some veggies while Robyn sauteed the onions for a delicious scrambled eggs meal, and smoothies to drink which were amazing! (Robyn is quite the chef!)

We dined on her white dining room table and talked about exciting things that are happening in our lives and discussed marriage and religion and life and photography. Hours passed by though it only felt like minutes. I made the long trek home and James picked up samosas for dinner. A perfect Friday.

Here are just a few pictures that I took of Robyn today, more to come after Vegas (which is only two more sleeps away!!!!!!) Robyn, you are so gorgeous and your eyes are so killer! Thanks for today =)

Amongst the clutter of a Vancouver alley, Robyn could still be in a state of namaste! =) (That was probably such wrong yoga terminology but you get the drift!)

We swapped our photos after we were done so we could do our own editing, so these are two of me that Robyn took. Have I mentioned how much I love alley ways for photo shoots? Random wooden crates, HELLO! You are my favourite! =) Oh, and this is Day Eighteen: black leggings, soft pink silk skirt (broke the rules and bought this one yesterday!), black long sleeve shirt, grey blazer/jacket, brown boots, purple scarf.

Like I said, two more sleeps till Vegas, baby!! I'll have my lap top with so I'm sure I'll be popping in to update on my experience a few times. Looking forward to spending time with a good friend and soaking in as much information as I can!

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