Day Eleven - Pearls

I felt the need to get slightly more dressed up today than my previous days. Not that I'm doing anything super fancy, in fact, I'll be doing quite the opposite. I'm going to Walmart tonight. Woo hoo. (That was the most sarcastic 'woo hoo' you'll ever read.) Errands need to be made, and Walmart tends to have the cheapest prices for the particular items that I need to purchase. One of my purchases will be a notebook for WPPI! That's exciting! =) No really, it is!

9 days until I leave for Vegas and get my mind overloaded with amazingly useful information for me and my business. I'm already excited to come home from Vegas and start implementing the knowledge that I gain from the speakers that I'll be hearing while out there.

Anyway, here is today's much too fancy outfit for Walmart, but dang it, I'll be the best dressed Walmartee there! =)

Day 11: black leggings, black tweed skirt, black long sleeve shirt, fuscia cardigan, grey boots, pearl necklace, uber poofed hair. Do I look like a martian? I feel like I might look like Brain from 'Pinky and the Brain.' No? Yes? Oy. Please tell me if I do!!!


  1. Love this outfit!
    You won't be suspicious if some of your clothes are missing from your closet after I babysit Cheyenne tomorrow, will you?

  2. hahaha as long as you don't take any of my current 30 items, no!

  3. Not martian-ish. Soooooo to Vegas do you take 30 for 30 clothes or is that an exception?

  4. a little bit of both! It'll be warmer down there so I'll have to bring some different clothes to accommodate that, and I like having multiple clothing options on holidays!

  5. love this one! the pop of color is perfect! and the hair looks fab... in fact, i think you could even do more 'poof' the next time, if you feel inspired (but, you know me and my drama!)


  6. Anonymous14.2.11

    I love the fact that we are getting to see more pictures of you, and this 30 for 30 would be awesome in the spring or summer! Keep up the great work.


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