Tribute to Meetzy

Last week our Girlie finally got her MMR vaccinations. We had to put it off for so long because these particular shots have egg product/chick embryo in them, and she's allergic to eggs. So we had to see a few doctors, get a referral back to the children's allergist Dr. that we've been seeing, and finally she got in last week.

Before giving her the shots, he did another allergy test just to see if by any chance she may not be allergic to eggs anymore. We were hoping for another miracle in our lives, but it wasn't God's timing for her to be cured of that right now, and we're ok with that. We fully trust him in this situation. So she got the vaccinations, everything was fine enough. Having to get three separate shots in a 2 hour span was not so fun for Girlie.

The allergy test still showed that she was allergic to cats by a small amount, but still allergic. He started talking about how this could affect her. We assumed she was doing ok with our cat because she didn't have any skin issues around her anymore. But apparently cat allergens are so small that they get into the respiratory system and she could one day develop asthma.

That was a bit of a shock to us, but we knew right away what that meant for us. We needed to find a new home for our cat. The last thing we want is for Girlie to develop asthma on top of all the other issues she already has. So Meetzy had to go. Yes, our cat's name is Meetzy. It's a german word for kitty, or something like that. Every mennonite family names their cat Meetzy! =)

For the last two weeks we've been spreading the word that we needed someone to adopt Meetzy from us. Someone that would be able to love her and appreciate her the way she is meant to be. The last thing we would want to do is send her to the SPCA. From there she may or may not have found a new home.

But thankfully we found someone who was willing to adopt her and bring her into their home!! It is so bitter-sweet to me. I love Meetzy so much, but I love my daughter more and this decision was a no-brainer. So, this blog post is dedicated to our beloved Furbaby, Meetzy.

Meetzy is a fabulous cat. She has always been playful, since she was born! She's not even four years old yet, so she has many more years of energetic playfulness left in her! She loves anything that she can climb into, whether it be a box, a grocery bag, a kleenex box, a wine glass, Cheyenne's tutu, the dishwasher, the fridge, anything! She's made us laugh more times than I can count. She kept me company for a few years before we had a baby and was a great listener. Every night since we brought her home she has slept on our bed, by my feet. She always comes on my stomach for snuggles when I turn over at night, or when I'm lying on the couch watching TV. She loves it when you scratch her back by her tail, and under her chin. She's so fluffy and soft. She's awesome.

Today is our last day with her, we'll be bringing her to her new home tomorrow morning. I'm sad to see her go, and I'll definitely cry many tears as we say goodbye, but this is just what has to be done, and hopefully we'll still be able to visit her every once in a while, and see pictures.

So, thank you Meetzy, for being such a great companion to James and I and now Cheyenne. I know she might miss you the most, but she knows your name and we'll still show her your picture!! You will be greatly missed and always loved!! Have fun at your new home with the other pets that you'll be living with and the freedom of the outdoors that you've so greatly desired to be a part of but we never let you! =)

Cheyenne wanted to be in on the photo action too, milk in hand.

Love this picture! She's wearing her tutu here too.

Meetzy always has to check out what Cheyenne's doing, but always opts out of being a part of it!

Somebody wanted some camera attention too!


  1. Tami4.2.11

    So sad saying goodbye! I know you're doing the right thing though. I was allergic to our cat and because of that I developed Asthma (which I no longer have), so it's good to head off that disease while you can. It's still hard though!

  2. I thought of you Tami! That's great that you don't have it anymore. Did it go away once your cat wasn't around anymore?

  3. Tami8.2.11

    Well we got rid of the cat when I was 16, and I am not sure if the asthma went away because of that or because I just grew out of it. I am still allergic to cats and my lungs still get a little congested when I am around them, but it's not like I have asthma attacks or need an inhaler or anything anymore.


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