Day Ten - A Visit

I've been in touch with the couple that adopted Meetzy from us last week. It's been so nice to hear what's been going on over there and how Meetzy is (or isn't!) adapting to her new home. I decided to go visit her today, mainly because I missed her, but also because I thought maybe having me around might help her to come out from under the couch.

And it did! As soon as I walked in the room where she was hiding I called her name and she scooted out to greet me! It was so nice to see her again and that she remembered me. I brought a few things from home to leave with her so she could feel comforted and she instantly embraced those objects! I stayed for awhile and we watched Meetzy finally emerge from her little room and explore the rest of the house for the first time. It was so nice to see her wandering around. When I left she started meowing and stood in front of the door. It was really sweet. I got to hold her and get some snuggles in before I left. And I just heard that since I left she's stayed out of her room and is in the office with her new owner, so that makes me so happy!

Side note: It's too cold outside. Technically every outfit I take pictures of should have my nice thick coat overtop, but I sacrifice for nice pictures! I'm looking forward to attempting this again in the spring or summer when it's a little warmer out! And we need to change up the photo location a bit. How boring is my complex?!!

Today is Day ten of the challenge. It includes: skinny jeans (not the black ones, though the pictures make them look black), purple printed top, beige wedge heels, gold braided belt, charcoal cowl. After I uploaded the pictures onto my computer I realized my belt was a little lop sided. Sorry. Thanks for noticing, James! =)

Here is the last 10 days in review:

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