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First off, have you noticed that my blog URL has changed?? It's not www.vanessavothblog.com. It's still hosted by Blogger so it'll automatically redirect you if you type in my old URL, but in the future when I change blog hosts, this will be the one that you'll want to have in your bookmarks!

My days have been filled with new marketing materials that I'm working on and preparing for Las Vegas and the WPPI convention, and dinner with my babe for Valentine's Day yesterday!

New marketing materials! Yay! I love playing around in Photoshop and putting new ideas onto "paper" and watching those ideas come alive! I've put together some new pdf packages for interested brides and grooms about my services and stuff. Very exciting!

I leave on Sunday for Vegas which I can't even tell you how excited I am about this trip! I get to see Las Vegas in all it's extravagance and over-abundance of lights and glamour for the first time. I get to spend 5 days with a good friend without our babies to take care. I get to put my home life aside for just a few days to fully soak in all the amazing knowledge I know that I'll be bombarded with from all the amazing speakers I've signed up to hear! And, I get to see a Cirque du Soleil show, one thing that I've always ALWAYS wanted to do yet in my lifetime! So many super exciting things!

And Valentine's Day. Yes, I don't love the over commercialized aspect of the day, but this year it turned out to be quite lovely. Monday brought Greek ordered in for dinner and the evening spent cosying up on the couch to watch a movie. Tuesday night we went out for dinner to Milestones and then grabbed Chai lattes from Starbucks and roamed around Chapters for about an hour before heading off to our Life Group. So good! I love Chapters. I could spend hours there, perusing the endless shelves full of words, wisdom, and knowledge or entertainment.

Onto today's My Everyday. My husband has gotten into making his own beer and wine. It started off as a hobby, buying the kits you find at the grocery store, but has evolved into somewhat of an art, mashing the grains to produce beer from scratch, basically. Our house often smells like a barn and there's carboy's strewn all around the house filled with liquidy goodness.

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